References from 2017 Matura students!

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1. Testimonial

 -In 2009, during one of the lasts stages of my book preparation („Stone Matrix Asphalt. Theory and Practice”) I cooperated with Mr Murdo McLeod. Despite the original Polish text having been translated, by a professional translator into English, it was necessity to carry out proof-reading by an English native speaker. The goals of such a task were the liquidation of certain language awkwardness and to make the text more “smooth”. Mr McLeod finished his tasks very well. Finally, the book was published in the US in 2010. Krzysztof Blazejowski, Ph.D.Civ.Eng., author 

Student testimonials

"Learning English with Murdo not only improved all of my language skills (which led to my CAE pass with "B" grade), but also taught me a new way of thinking about communication, relations between people and about the world itself. Murdo is a teacher with great experience and learning with him will make you sink into English/Scottish culture."

Kuba Stanisawski;


Thanks to my classes with Murdo MacLeod I had a chance to convince myself that learning a language might not necessarily mean a boring duty but it can be an interesting experience. I am most grateful to my teacher for helping me overcome my fear of speaking.

Ewa Galewicz;


After lessons with Murdo, my English is much better and I can speak it with ease. Thanks to him, I passed my matura with satisfying results and this exam wasn't difficult for me.

Iza Wsniewska;